Every person has a purpose, and every person must go on their journey to the initial discovery of their purpose. Life naturally takes us on this quest and presents us with trials and hard situations that bring out the true nature of who we are in an attempt to develop and refine our character. Every once in a while, something happens in life that throws a person off course, and they need a bit of guidance, uniting recovery with self-exploration. A lot of these recovery steps can also be found in AA sayings.

Recovery Step #1 – “Believe”One of the hardest things to do on the path to uniting recovery with self-exploration is to trust that things will just work out. Life can hit us like a truck sometimes, leaving us in such a condition that it impairs our ability to believe. One thing that is phenomenal about humanity is the will to keep going. Believing is knowing that whether or not immediate results can be seen, there is still hope. Definitely, don’t stop believing. Our belief systems are what and how we build our values and develop principles we live out our life with. Believing is the beginning self-exploration.

Recovery Step #2 – “Fear is Make Believe”

Simply know that fear is fictional. Fear is simply a lack of self-confidence manifesting itself in a crippling manner. Fear can keep a person caged if the person allows it to. The victory in conquering fear is affirming who you know you are. Rediscover what it means to take risks again, to dream big again.

Recovery Step #3 – “Humility”

Simply remain humble in the process of self-recovery. Life is a mystery, and assuming you have all the answers will get you nowhere. Let lessons learned become your teacher and be open to learning new lessons. When we are humble, we empty our cup of pride to be filled with new information, ideas and ways of thinking.

Recovery Step #4 – “Perseverance”

Every day is another day to win again. Do not give up. By withstanding hard times in the process, your character is developed. Persevering allows us to test our limits, challenge our definitions of life and figure out what works for us. Perseverance allows us to complete the maturation process, fully uncovering what was lost and find new things about ourselves.

Recovery Step #5 – “Accountability”

A journey alone is not a journey worth traveling. Having some to assist or just keep you company throughout your self-recovery is so important. When uniting with others, you can sharpen your perspective on life and who you are to become. An accountability partner will remind you of what you are to be hoping for. When you run out of energy, they are there to help carry you.

Recovery Step #6 – “Acceptance”

No one person is perfect. Imperfection is what makes you uniquely you. Flaws are inevitable, but how we recover is our choice. Don’t let setbacks keep you back; keep pushing forward. It’s only when we acknowledge our weaknesses that we know to exercise to build up muscle.

Recovery Step #7 – “Self Reflection”

Take time to self-evaluate. Spend time self-assessing, figuring out what you want. Be willing to confront the hard part of yourself, growth will come in this time. It is not until we take full ownership of our journey that we uncover and rediscover who we are or who we want to be, truly finding ourselves.

Recovery Step #8 – “Let Go and Forgive”

Self-recovery cannot take place until we decide to extend mercy and offer forgiveness to ourselves and others. Forgiveness frees you from the burden of carrying past baggage. It is hard to freely move forward when the burden of your past mistakes or how others have wronged you comes along. Extending forgiveness frees the person offering forgiveness.

Recovery Step #9 – “Wisdom is Calling”

Wisdom is louder and more accessible than people realize. Our intuition clues us in every time we get an inkling of what we should do in different situations. Wisdom is simply discerning between right and wrong than choosing between a good decision and the best decision. Use and pursue wisdom because it promotes understanding. Wisdom will help you best determine next steps in your recovery.

Recovery Step #10 – “Be Grateful”

Similarly, to humility, being grateful is one of those things that will help you be content with the mysteries of life. Gratefulness breeds good stewardship. Gratefulness also promotes self-confidence and esteem. When you are grateful, you affirm your role and acceptance in your self-recovery.

Recovery Step #11 – “A New Way of Living”

Be open to adopting new ways of doing life in your journey to self-recovery. You might find in the recovery process, you have evolved and need to adopt new ways of living. The self-recovery process might also be a new self-discovery process as well.

Recovery Step #12 – “Let Freedom Ring”

Let freedom ring from the rooftops of your heart. Self-recovery is freedom. Rejoice in the completion of your journey and be proud that you are finally uniting with your true self. Use the experience to uplift others, helping them in their process of uniting recovery with self-exploration.