Who is Responsible for the Major Drug Crisis Everywhere?

Drug trafficking is a tricky and difficult subject in society these days. Drug trafficking crimes often lead to particularly lengthy prison sentences. People who are involved in trafficking frequently face consequences that are exactly like those for first-degree felonies. People who engage in these illicit drug trade practices in many cases are treated similarly to killers. The general public often holds them responsible for the United States’ major addiction crisis as well. People who hold them responsible, however, sometimes don’t take the time to look at the big picture. Drug traffickers are in many cases single mothers who are struggling on a daily basis to support their youngsters. They’re stressed out women who don’t have support from fathers or from anyone else, for that matter. People view them as cold-hearted monsters, but that often couldn’t be further from the truth.

Mourning family members often put their anger on drug dealers. That’s easy to understand. If a dealer gave an individual a drug that killed him or her in the end, others will make an unpleasant connection. Roy Allison is a father who was distraught after the passing of his son. A drug overdose killed him. He was so distressed about the death that he made the decision to take action on his own. Allison murdered Duncan Bell, a 36-year old drug dealer. He stabbed him in the heart and ended his life then and there. Allison after that committed suicide himself. He hanged himself in his son’s crematorium.

Christopher Sharod Massena of Florida was found guilty of fentanyl supplying toward the end of the summer of 2016. He supplied Christian “Ty” Hernandez with the illicit substance. Hernandez passed away due to an overdose after the fact. Massena could end up spending his entire life in jail. He could end up receiving a fine of a maximum of a million dollars as well.

There are many individuals who put the shame on drug dealers and traffickers in this country. There are just as many individuals, however, who put it on doctors. There are some physicians who give opioid prescriptions to patients who do not genuinely require them in any way. They, as a result, encourage addictive behaviors that shouldn’t ever have emerged in the first place. There are also some doctors who give out excessive prescriptions to patients. They give patients access to higher amounts of pills than they actually require. That can have detrimental consequences. Other people can employ these remaining pills. They, because of that, can become susceptible to serious addictions.

“Pill Mill” physicians also exist nowadays. These doctors take cash payments exclusively. They dole out prescriptions to anyone who asks for them, too. These healthcare professionals are problematic because they make their fellow doctors look bad. The majority of doctors in this world aim to assist people, after all. They generally do not set out to harm anyone. Pill Mill physicians, however, are a totally different case. They essential have no desire to do positive things for the public.

There are even people who strongly believe that pharmaceutical firms are at fault. Purdue Pharmaceuticals makes Oxycontin, a narcotic that manages pain. Purdue Pharmaceuticals launched an in-depth marketing strategy that aimed to affect doctors’ prescription practices. The strategy also involved inviting bonuses that motivated sales associates to boost Oxycontin sales independently.

Oxycontin gained approval in the middle of the nineties. The Joint Commission released guidelines that emphasized opioid safety. These guidelines also discussed pain scale applications. These guidelines came out in 2001. The Wall Street Journal indicates that the commission wrote a guide that talked about pain management, too. This publication said that there are clinicians who possess erroneous worries regarding death, tolerance and addictive behaviors. Doctors viewed these campaigns and then began giving out opioid prescriptions to more patients than ever before. They thought that they were doing good for their patients. That sadly wasn’t necessarily the case. These doctors suggested Delray beach rehab for opiate addiction.

There are so many people who are part of the disease model of addiction problem all over the United States. That’s why it’s difficult if not impossible to pinpoint the true “bad guy” or “bad guys.” It doesn’t really matter who the honest villain is, however. That’s because people have to realize that putting the fault on others doesn’t really do anything positive for the world. It doesn’t actually trigger any type of benefit. It won’t bring back the countless people who have suffered and died due to addictive behaviors, either. Nothing on earth can actually do that.

Substance abuse is a massive dilemma for significant numbers of people all around the nation and planet. It’s been an enormous dilemma for a long time now, too. That’s why people have to take action. If they truly want to put an end to drug addiction and all of its devastating consequences, they have to be willing to think. They have to try to come up with innovative and fresh approaches to doing away with substance abuse and addictive behaviors in general as well. It’s also important for people to look inward. If you’re someone who has any kind of substance problem, you have to evaluate your own personality first. You have to admit that you may have had a big role in your issue. If you want to be able to conquer substance abuse and enjoy a happy, healthy and productive existence as a member of society, being honest with yourself is always the first step. If you’re not honest with yourself, you probably won’t get too far. Truthfulness can help open you up to a whole new world of opportunities. It’s also crucial for people to be honest with others around them who have problems. If you have a close friend or family member who is suffering from substance abuse in any way, you shouldn’t just sit back and watch things unravel. You should be proactive. Don’t be afraid of hurting the other person’s feelings, either. Remember that you sometimes have to be a little “cruel” to be kind. That’s simply how life goes.