There are numerous treatments available for people dealing with substance abuse. As it stands, there are now about 14,500 specialized drug treatment centers in the United States, not to mention the other types of treatments available like counseling or case management. Keep in mind that there are also about 2.3 million Americans looking for some type of help to get rid of their addiction. What does this mean? Simply put, there are many centers but no guidelines to help you find the best option. The following are seven attributes to look for, which should point you towards the best treatment center.

1. There When you Need Them

It may seem silly, but some treatment centers put people on a wait list or tell a client that he or she will not be given all therapies for some reason. There are a number of reasons why this might happen; for example, the facility might be overbooking clients. An overbooked treatment center will fail to give a client the experience that he or she should receive from a treatment center.

Services that one might be deprived of in an overbooked treatment center usually include social-related therapies or psychological treatments. Just make sure that the treatment center you are considering offers sessions with mental health specialists and various therapies that focus on rehabilitation.

2. Behavioral Therapy is Available

Drug addiction affects a person in several ways. The physical addiction is simply one way that a person becomes dependent on drugs and is actually the easiest to deal with. One of the hardest aspects of the addiction to deal with is the behavioral-related dependence. The facility that you are considering should provide you with a few options to deal with this particular problem.

You should see therapies that help improve coping mechanisms and peer-to-peer programs, like group therapy sessions.

3. Programs to Attack Co-Occurring Issues

Drug-related problems are usually related to mental issues. In fact, one reason why people fail to stay drug-free is usually because drug dependence was the only problem addressed. It is very important that the drug center that is being considered offers a program that deals with possible co-occurring mental issues, like PTSD or depression.

Possible issues are often discovered by programs that involve professional mental health specialists in a one-on-one setting. The facility needs to create a comfortable environment for clients, as honesty is paramount for a successful treatment.

4. Treatment Substances Available

Drugs are not easy to defeat, and a good treatment center will not make any claims that it is. This is the reason why it is important that the facility being considered offers substances to make the transition easier. It is important that medicine like naltrexone, methadone, or buprenorphine are available. These drugs are instrumental during the detoxification process as it helps lessen withdrawal symptoms that will make it harder to get clean.

Of course, the facility should also have other plans set in place to help you through the detoxification process, but these substances are still very important. Don’t be afraid to ask what monitored substances are available.

5. Offer Ample Time to Heal

One thing that is important to remember about care centers is that they do require patience. This is the reason why one should make sure that the substance abuse facility does not have a short-stay type of policy. It should be noted that most reputable drug treatment centers offer a minimum 30-day stay to clients. There are other clients who are asked to stay a full 60-day period while others stay even longer.

Be sure that the location does not ask clients to leave within two weeks of care or a shorter period of time. No professional drug rehabilitation center is able to provide ample drug treatment with just two weeks.

6. In-House Drug Use Monitoring Should be Offered

In-house drug monitoring does not mean that clients are untrustworthy. The issue is that the dependence on drugs could be strong, especially for those who have not gone through any type of treatment. This is why it is important to ensure that the facility being considered has in-house monitoring tools. A client will have an extra incentive to stay sober as he or she is being monitored constantly.

Do not forget that the drug rehabilitation center is also going to have the opportunity to change or modify the treatments and therapies based on the results of drug tests throughout a client’s stay.

7. Offer the Ability to Change Treatment When Necessary

Most substance abuse specialists will say that victims of addiction are not affected by drugs the same way, which can apply to the way the addiction is dealt with. Each person will have a different response to the various therapies administered during a drug rehabilitation process. This is the reason why a rehabilitation center must have staff who can easily modify a program or therapy should this be necessary.

The key is to ask the drug rehabilitation center about the kinds of plan it has should you need to change the intensity of a certain therapy. The client may need to be counseled for these changes to ensure that he or she can adapt to them.

These are seven vital components of a rehabilitation center that can get the job done. Of course, some offer a lot more than these seven services, but the most important thing to remember is that the treatment center needs to feel right. Hopefully, this helps match you with the best treatment center.