Xanax Addiction
Xanax is a prescribed medication that is used to treat anxiety disorders, including panic attacks, and insomnia. The drug causes produces noticeable changes in your brain within a very short amount of time. The effects of Xanax include feelings of well-being and relaxation. Xanax is prescribed frequently, making it available in medicine cabinets across the nation. When a medicine is easily available in the home, even people without a prescription can access the drug and develop an addiction.

Xanax addiction can take control of your life, wither you obtain the drug from your doctor or from another source. The side effects of Xanax, which include slurred speech and tiredness, are often severe enough to interfere with your normal activities. With help from addiction rehab centers, you can take control of your life to overcome Xanax addiction.

Signs of Addiction

When used as prescribed, benzodiazepines like Xanax allow people to cope with anxiety. Xanax can also become addictive when it isn’t used according to the doctor’s instructions. For instance, you may combine Xanax with alcohol to increase its effects, or you may take the medicine more often that your doctor recommends. Other signs of Xanax addiction include:

  • Increased tolerance to Xanax
  • Obtaining the medicine illegally, or without a prescription
  • Unable to quit taking Xanax, even when you want to stop
  • Loss of interest in your normal activities
  • Legal, financial or personal problems
  • Snorting, injecting or combining Xanax with other drugs

Increased tolerance means that you don’t feel the effects of the medicine after taking a normal dose, so you begin using more and more of the drug to feel its calming effects. Xanax tolerance often occurs quickly. You may find that your normal prescription doesn’t last as long as it should, or you might try to buy the medicine illegally when your prescription medicine is gone.

This type of behavior is common for those struggling with a Xanax addiction. Ending the cycle of addiction begins admitting you have an addiction to the drug. The next step is learning how to manage the addiction for a healthy recovery. Addiction rehab is one of the most effective treatment options available when you are ready to overcome your Xanax dependency.

Managing an Addiction

Overcoming a Xanax addiction requires professional care, particularly during the first days or weeks of sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms can occur within a few hours of taking your last dose of the medicine, and the withdrawal symptoms can be serious for some peopl. Typically, the first steps of sobriety include tapering the amount of Xanax you take each day until you can stop using the drug.

Quitting Xanax without tapering your dosage can lead to a variety of physical symptoms, including convulsions. Less serious symptoms, like irritability and insomnia, are also common during the first weeks of recovery. Rehabilitation centers can help you safely taper your dosage for a safe recovery. Your rehab can also help you learn how to manage your addiction for a lifelong recovery.

Long-Term Recovery

Long-term recovery from Xanax addition is easier when you have the tools you need to understand addiction and its causes. For instance, if you have anxiety, you may learn how to manage the disorder effectively without using prescription drugs. Learning more about your triggers, or the emotions and situations that tempt you to use Xanax, is also an important step. Your addiction rehab assists you in discovering your triggers so you can manage them successfully without drugs or alcohol.

Finding Help

Most people enter inpatient rehab to manage an addiction to prescription medications. Inpatient rehab can last for 30 days or longer, and offers you a safe space to recover. Rehabs reduce the temptation to obtain more of the medicine, and offer supportive services like therapy sessions, nutritional training and a sober environment that encourages healthy lifestyles.

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